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Facts About Us

Safety Resources Australia was founded in 2002 in recognition of the need for professional Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) consultancy services.

We are customer focused when developing practical safety solutions.

We engage professional, experienced and qualified consultants who are able to work within the most demanding and complex OHS environments. This ensures a fast and efficient work process that enables us to develop solutions tailored for you in a timely manner.

Safety Resources Australia is very experienced in the field of Occupational Health & Safety. We have consulted to organisations throughout Australia and the world, including Laos (Asia), Austria, Peru and Mauritania (West Africa).

We are a streamlined consultancy business, which means we are able to be more efficient, flexible and deliver a service that is affordable to you.

We are a self-assessed AS 45001 compliant organisation which means we are qualified to assist you in the development of your Safety Management System that is compliant with AS 45001.

We are flexible with work locations, rosters and scheduling of consultancy time so that we can work effectively with your organisation.

Please contact us and discuss your OHS issues so that we may assist you in providing practical rather than ultimate safety solutions.