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Current Projects

1. Take 5 Implementation Project for Hawaiian Properties

Safety Resources Australia is working with Hawaiian Property Group implementing a Take 5 program to use instead of SWMS for simple workplace maintenance tasks.

Hawaiian have a range of commercial properties including multi storey office building to large and small retail outlets.

2. Various Organisations - Safety Management Plans

We have prepared tailored Safety Management Plans for a range of organisations to assist them with Local Government Tenders or projects that they are undertaking.

They are a "baseline" simple plan that assists with cost reduction in both their preparation as well as implementation.

3. MMG Mining - Lifting and Work at Heights Work Procedures

We have been engaged to develop corporate procedures that can be used at any MMG Mining site throughout the world for safe lifting operations as well as work at heights.

Procedures need to be in simple language that can be easily translated into the language of the country of operation whilst at the same time ensuring correct and effective safety management.