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Workplace Health and Safety Harmonisation

Safe Work Australia is the federal government body tasked to develop harmonised Workplace Health and Safety legislation across all states and territories in Australia. This will replace the various different OSH Acts and Regulations that exist in each state.

The original implementation date of the uniform legislation was to be 1st January 2012. However, Western Australia and some other states have advised they are not ready because they have not enacted the state legislation to make it happen. Hence, WA continues to work under the existing OHS Act and Regulations.

However, Safety Resources Australia recommends that you contact us so we can assess whether your OHS system is compliant with the existing OHS Act and Regulations which will be similar to the new WHS Act and Regulations. To wait for the new legislation to make changes to your OHS Management System is putting your employees at risk of injury and your organisation at risk of prosecution.

There are changes in legal layout where some items moving from the existing Act to the new Regulations and some additional uniform National Codes of Practice added. There will also be some changes in terminologies such as:

"Employer" will become "Person in charge of the workplace or undertaking"

"Employee will become "Worker"

So the above means there will be a need to update your policies and procedures when the new WHS Act and Regulations come into effect. More importantly though, if your organisation is not currently compliant with the existing Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations then you will not be compliant with the new Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulations. If that is the case then we can help.

Please Contact Us so we can assist you with the required changes to your Safety Management System so that it complies with the new Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Act and Regulations.