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Catastrophic Risk Management

Catastrophic Risks are those that can lead to a fatality, serious injury or significant loss of plant or equipment production capacity. Typical examples include:

  • Single or multiple fatalities in a single or multiple vehicle incidents;
  • Potential for product or plant to fall onto personnel below;
  • Significant plant or equipment failure or damage;
  • Serious fire or electrical event that leads to loss of production or a possible fatality;
  • Control system failure.

Determination of Catastrophic Risk

Safety Resources Australia can assist your organisation determine your Catastrophic Risk exposures and what additional controls are required.

Controlling Catastrophic Risk

We can assist organisations with implementing identified additional controls being physical, procedural or training based controls.

Our OHS consultants are experienced in dealing with organisations which need to implement Catastrophic Risk Controls.

Please Contact us to discuss the management of your Catastrophic Risks.