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Day-to-Day Risk Management

Day-to-day work tasks generally are either repetitive or one off activities. Examples include:

  • A repetitive production task such as operating a machine or taking as sample
  • A unique, maintenance or cleaning task with machine or building.

Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive tasks, if not performed in a safe manner can expose personnel to a high risk of injury, harm or health issues and poor productivity in the workplace.

Safety Resources Australia can assist your organisation by developing Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) or Safe Work Instructions (SWI). We can also assist with extra training for workers and supply each worker with an assessment package for them.

One Off Task

One off maintenance, cleaning or other tasks can be successfully assessed and managed by the use of a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Task Hazard Analysis (THA) or Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), or any combination of these tools.

Safety Resources Australia can assist your organisation with the training of staff on how to prepare these documents, thus allowing the documents to have meaningful content and effective controls.

Please Contact Us and let us help you with your day-to-day risk management.