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Risk Management

Correct risk management within an organisation will ensure workers are not exposed to uncontrolled hazards resulting in an injury or long term health effects.

For any organisation, effective risk management means focusing on Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Hazard Control. Areas include;

  • Catastrophic failures or high hazard activities that results in injuries to multiple parties or significant production impacts.
  • Hazards associated with the design, operation and maintenance of plant and equipment.
  • Hazards associated with specific routine and non-routine tasks and jobs undertaken by workers.
  • Hazards encountered by workers in the conduct of their day to day activities.
  • Hazards arising from changes in the workplace including changes to plant, equipment, processes, procedures and responsibilities on projects.

Risk Assessment

To be an effective manager, you need to ensure that your organisation workplace is operating at "As Low As Reasonably Practical" (ALARP) level of risk. Safety Resources Australia can assist you with:

Catastrophic Risk Management.

Day to Day Risk Management.

Risk Assessments.

Project Risk Management.

Management of Change.

Mind Map Risk Management

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